Buyer Policy

Sunny Shops is a marketplace where you can purchase handmade and customised goods, craft and event supplies, and vintage and antique items directly from sellers across the UK. To ensure you have a positive experience on Sunny Shops, please read this document to understand your rights and what is expected of you when using this platform.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. When you open a Sunny Shops buyer account, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. Understanding Sunny Shops’ Limitations as a Marketplace

Sunny Shops provides a marketplace platform for buyers to discover and purchase from talented and creative sellers, however Sunny Shops is not a part of that transaction. When using this platform, it is important that you understand that:


  • You are not buying directly from Sunny Shops, but from individual sellers using Sunny Shops as a storefront;
  • Sunny Shops does not pre-screen sellers or listings and therefore does not guarantee or endorse any items or any content posted by sellers (including but not limited to text, photographs or language used in profiles, listings or shop policies);
  • Each seller on Sunny Shops is responsible for specifying their own individual processing times, delivery methods and shop policies;
  • You assume responsibility if you provide your own material(s) or item(s) for a custom order;
  • You have the right to confidentially flag an item or shop which you believe to violate any of Sunny Shops’ policies or terms.

2. Creating and Uploading Content

As a user of Sunny Shops, you may create and upload a variety of content, including text, photographs and direct messages. In order to keep our community safe and respectful, you agree that you will not share or upload content that is:

  • False, deceptive or misleading;
  • Abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing or discriminatory;
  • Obscene or vulgar; or
  • In violation of someone else’s privacy or intellectual property rights.

Communicating via messages

You can use Sunny Shops’ ‘Messages’ tool to communicate directly with sellers regarding a listing or an order.

Messages may not be used for the following activities:

  • Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, donation requests or spam;
  • Harassing or abusing another user in any way;
  • Contacting someone after they have explicitly asked you not to; or
  • Intentionally interfering with a transaction of a seller or another user to negatively affect their business. Interference is strictly prohibited on Sunny Shops.

Examples of interference include:

  • Posting in public areas to discuss a dispute with a seller;
  • Purchasing from a seller with the sole purpose of leaving a negative review; or
  • Harassment, threatening or otherwise abusive communications.

If you see content or receive a direct message that violates this policy, please let us know right away. As a user, you have the option to flag listings which you believe violates our policies.

3. Purchasing an Item on Sunny Shops

Each Sunny Shops seller has their own listings, processing times, policies and payment systems. By placing an order, you agree that you have:

  • Read the item description and shop policies before placing the order;
  • Submitted appropriate payment for item(s) purchased; and
  • Provided accurate delivery information to the seller.

4. Leaving an Item Review

We encourage buyers to review every item they purchase in order to help potential buyers learn about a seller’s items and store. Your review may help good sellers build a strong reputation, or warn potential buyers about a poor experience. Your review and/or photograph and profile information will be publicly displayed on the seller’s listing and store pages. It is therefore essential that you:

  • Use the one to five star rating properly, without falsely inflating or deflating a shop’s review rating;
  • Upload accurate photographs with your reviews; and
  • Do not partake in shilling or otherwise illegal behaviour.

You also agree and understand that your content may not:

  • Contain private information about yourself, the seller, or anyone else;
  • Contain advertising or spam;
  • Contain obscene, harassing or discriminatory language or imagery, including threats or extortion;
  • Contain prohibited medical drug claims;
  • Contain details or use the rating system to review aspects outside of the seller’s control, such as a delivery carrier, Sunny Shops, or a third party.

By uploading a photograph to Sunny Shops, you agree that:

  • You own the image or you have the rights and/or permission to use the image;
  • As stated in Sunny Shops’ Terms of Use, Sunny Shops has license to use any content you provide to Sunny Shops; and
  • Sellers may respond to reviews and must also comply with this policy. They may report reviews that violate our policies or our Terms of Use.

Sunny Shops reserves the right to remove reviews or photographs that violate our policies or Terms of Use.

5. Reporting a Problem With an Order or Returning an Item

Sunny Shops’ Resolution System

Sunny Shops is not directly involved in any transactions between a buyer and a seller, however we provide a resolution system in the unlikely event that an order does not follow a smooth and standard process. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, including our sellers, try to resolve the issue with them in a peaceful way before following this route. If you are unable to reach a resolution with a seller, you may use our resolution system in the event of a non-delivery or if an item you receive is not as described in the listing.

When you utilise Sunny Shops’ resolution system, you understand that Sunny Shops may use your personal information for the purpose of resolving the dispute with the other user in question in order to reach a resolution. You must be responsive and, if required, help us to resolve the case as smoothly as possible. Sunny Shops reserves the right to escalate a case for circumstances such as buyer or seller inactivity, refusal of support, harassment, case manipulation and/or undermining the integrity of the resolution system.

Item non-delivery

A non-delivery occurs when a does not receive an item which they have purchased. There may not be proof that the item was dispatched or the item may have been posted to the incorrect address. We advise that sellers keep all postage evidence, however Sunny Shops is not responsible for ensuring that they do so.

Item not as described

An item falls under ‘not as described’ if the buyer can demonstrate that there are noticeable differences from the seller’s listing description and/or photos.

Examples of the item received being ‘not as described’ may include:

  • It is a different size, weight, colour, version or model;
  • It has a different design or material;
  • It is damaged or is missing parts and this was not disclosed in the product listing;
  • The incorrect quantity of items was received, whether more or less than expected;
  • The item was advertised as authentic or vintage but is not authentic or vintage; or
  • The condition of the item is misrepresented (e.g., the item is described as new but is used).

Requesting a refund on a delayed order

You may request a refund on a delayed order if:

  • The seller did not ship the item(s) according to their processing time or the date agreed upon; or
  • The item(s) were ordered for a specific date and/or event but will not arrive on time; and/or
  • The item(s) are rendered useless after that date.

Processing refunds when there is a buyer-seller disagreement

If Sunny Shops determines that an item is not as described, or if postage was delayed, the seller is required to refund the order, including original postage and any return postage costs.

Ineligible transactions

Some disputes do not qualify for Sunny Shops’ resolution system. These include:

  • Items that are accurately described but don’t meet a buyer’s expectations;
  • Items that have been used, altered, worn, washed or discarded after receival;
  • Items that are received after the agreed-upon delivery date due to delivery delays when a cancellation request has not previously been processed;
  • Items that are returned to the seller without communication explicitly agreeing to a return;
  • Items which are damaged by the delivery carrier (if properly packaged by the seller);
  • Items that are purchased in-person;
  • Items prohibited from sale on Sunny Shops;
  • Intangible goods which have already been sent for download;
  • Cost of delivery disputes; or
  • Transactions where payment is not made via Sunny Shops’ secure checkout system.

Requesting a cancellation

Sellers are responsible for cancelling orders and processing refunds. Buyers may request that a seller cancel an order via Sunny Shops Messages.

Returning an item

You will find individual Shop Policies for each seller on their individual shop page. Not all sellers accept returns.

Last updated on 1st Jan 2021.